Due to COVID-19, my workplace decided to use the Work-From-Home policy. Every employee had to "report for duty" every 9.00 and 18.00 of the workdays by opening their webcams in the daily online meeting, capturing a photo of the team members, and sending it to the boss.
Normally, I rarely take work home with me. My computer is only used for entertainment and my personal projects. When I have to use this computer for office works with Work-From-Home policy, it blends my 'recreation space' with the 'working space' altogether. So, I decided to bring the way to do of my 'working space' into my 'recreation space' by having a "report for duty" process with my online friends on Facebook, where is one of my recreation space, by reporting myself in the same time of my daily online meeting and using the same video capture program that has a feature adding some gimmicks in the video.
"WFH" is the selections of photo-paring of my "report for duty" process among two spaces but at the same time.

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