Fading Memories
Imagine if, one day, your familiar atmospheres have gone forever, how would you feel?
This question is the beginning of this project.

Sri Phraya, the area in Bangkok where I grew up, is the old community of Thai - Chinese people which have wide-range of original traditional shops.
As the time gone by, these shops are slowly disappeared.

There are two meaning of the word “disappear”.
Firstly, the cultural is disappeared from the modern world because it can not fit in nowadays fashionable lifestyles. Moreover, new generation are not want to succeed their ancestor’s business.
Another meaning is people disappear. Eventually, the shop owners whom I have seen them since I was a kid, will be passed away with their knowledges and skills.

At present, this situation happens around Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.
Frenetic city development projects are destroying charming local cultures and lifestyles.

This project represents my intension to preserve these memories and encourage the local to protect these shops before it too late.
Suree, 74 years old, sell Chinese ritual papers for 20 years.
Hui Im, 82 years old, open grocery store for more than 40 years.
Lao Tee, 81 years old, open boil rice restaurant for 50 years.
Sa, 77 years old, knife sharpening for 30 years.
Chumpol, 60 years old, living in a barber shop for 50 years.
Lim Yoo Hong, 83 years old, open coffee shop for 50 years.
Sok Yoo, 92 years old, be a housewife for 40 years.
Chalermchai, 60 years old, be a key maker for 36 years.
Ubolrat, 55 years old, take care a 50-year-old magazine stall which descended from her father.
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