Sentenced to 24 Minutes in Prison, Twice a Day
In April 2014, I decided to do things that I haven't thinking about them for a long time: returning to be a full-time office worker again and taking a subway to my workplace.

In my opinion,these two things are surprisingly similar in their processes:

Going to somewhere - Locking yourself in that place - Doing something to pass the time - Reaching to a destination - Breaking free to the world again.

And then, the next day, this cycle will happen again on and on.

So, many commuters find the way to "escape" from this atmosphere that "imprison" them.
Some of them choose to play their mobile phones, read a book, take a nap or maybe get lost in their thoughts while staring out of a window pointlessly.

But for me, I choose to do this photography project, as a tool for curing myself and reflecting my feeling about things I've to see everyday. I choose to use this method to have fun while living in this boring moving underground dungeon.

All of the photos were shot for 9 months, from the first to the last day, of my commuting to the workplace, which at the moment that is my first time for coming back to be a full-time office worker after being a freelancer for more than a year.

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